People Choice Award
Start-Up Lab

Warehouse Kitchen aims to provide to its customers a smart shopping list updated in real-time concerning the products that are in the fridge or in the pantry. Every time you are not sure if you finished or not a specific product, just check on WK. Our goal is to make grocery shopping easier.

The solution

Thanks to the analysis of individual and aggregate consumer habits, we are able to estimate precisely what products are likely to be expired or consumed. Historical data are collected and provided to us directly from the supermarket’s database; thus, they are extremely reliable. Besides this, Warehouse Kitchen will drive the customer to a brand-new and unique experience.

Thanks to the app, the user can buy online the finished products instead of going to the supermarket. In addition, WK will automatically set up a specific pre-order based on customer’s habits and historical data of previously-bought products.

Last but not least, he/she will receive promotions fitting exactly his/her habits and many other features, all for free. What are the needed requirements? Just his/her fidelity card.

Project members
Francesco Mazzocco
Giovanni Ferraris
Alberto Beltramello
Gianluca Venturi
Davide Bulbarelli
Giulio Migani
Software Developer
Marco Luzzara
Software Developer