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VILLAGO is a platform that aims to provide a service that allows you to book and use a flexible transport like your car at appropriate prices.

The problem

Despite the different types of transport available, travelers still experience difficulties in medium-distance travel. In some territories, such as Trentino, people without a car can find many difficulties to reach places 50 km away from a city, having to foresee different changes between trains and buses. The taxi service is certainly not an adoptable solution due to its excessive cost once you leave the city. Meanwhile, existing alternative transport services, such as Blablacar, deal with long routes connecting two specific cities of their choice.

The solution

VILLAGO will be an application based on an artificial intelligence system in which both customers and service providers will be able to register. Through the application you will be able to: select the destination, view the available rides, and then select the chosen trip. In addition, the more people will board the car with you, the lower the overall price will be reduced.

The service is particularly suitable for those who want to reach the place of an event (concert, exhibitions, or naturalistic places) or for those who simply want to reach more comfortable destinations between 5 and 50 km from the location of the applicant.

Project members
Carina Stoettner
CEO and marketing
Lakshminath Kundanati
Strategy and market research
Fatima Ezzahra Mochrik
Business analyst
Thales Santana do Carmo
Operations and design
Andrea Flamini
Data analyst
Mohammed Shahbaz Irfani
Application developer