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Almost one third of Italian parents (30.8%) are certain that their children prefer the technological gadgets to domestic animals and traditional toys, as well as any other activities, including holidays and days spent outside in the company of family and friends. Not only that, 76.7% of them are afraid that their children spend too much time in front of the screen and 48% are worried that technology will take time off physical activities. What possible solution?

The solution

Teller is a smart toy: a teddy bear that tells stories (and some songs), it works with simple vocal commands or via app. It is made for children between 1 and 6 years old, that’s why the vocal commands needed to interact with it are very simple, as “Tell me a story”. But, in order to be as much safe as possible, it is also controllable with an app, installed on the parents’ smartphone.

Teller does not need the internet to work, it connects via Bluetooth with the app. The purpose of the toy is to provide something that is entertaining and smart, providing an alternative to displays, which nowadays are used to distract children often. Teller is sold with an embedded package of fifty stories and ten songs in its memory; the stories are recorded by professional readers, avoiding synthetic voices.

Thanks to our application, available for both Android and iOS, parents will be able to buy new stories from the online store and change the behavior of the toy accordingly to their kids’ age. But what if your son’s favourite story is not available? Thanks to the features embedded in our app, you’ll be able to record new stories from the app and either insert them into the teddy bear, sending them via Bluetooth

Demoday 2019 Teller
Project members
Lucia Anastasi
Nicola Pasuch
Massimo Girondi
Saraf Nawar
Filippo Piconese
Back-end developer
Mirko Schicchi
Front-end developer
Lorenzo Sanna
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