One of the most important topics for a security officer is being able to know what the causes of injuries are.

We started investigating in the north Italy in the garbage collector industries scenario and we found that companies are ready to try and buy our idea: to develop a not invasive smart sensor that guarantees the security of the worker without profiling him directly.

The problem

Repetitive movements are done every day from workers. We want to reduce the risk of injuries and guarantee the best possible condition when the worker must do his job.

Security officers need to know if workers are doing activities in the proper way in order to correct and adapt the work plan.

A lot of workers must go up and down from a platform mounted behind the truck, in order to load the garbage. Unfortunately, they make this action several times per minute and most of them complete it when the truck is still moving. In a long-term time period this action causes many problems to the workers and it is directly related to injuries.

The solution

The solution consists in combining a hardware and a software. The hardware is an intelligent sensor placed under the platform of the truck. It collects data about the worker and the environment monitoring all the bad movements of the worker. A bad movement is the following: “the worker is going up the platform while the truck is moving”. The software (Sof4Safety) is a tool that permits to security officers to visualize all the data collected and to make analysis on the possible level of injuries, related to the actions performed by their workers.

Our first goal is to guarantee security without profiling the workers, aiming to make work safer and better.

Our second goal is to provide a study on this sector in order to determine the principal causes of long-term injuries.

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Matteo Favilli
Ilaria Bedin
Gherardo Montemagni
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Fabio Silvestri
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