The problem

A failure to monitor the spread of plant pests and diseases can have disastrous consequences on agricultural production and food security for millions of poor farmers. FAO estimates that between 20 and 40 percent of global crop yields are reduced each year due to the damage wrought by plant pests and diseases.

Once a pest becomes established, it is almost impossible to eradicate and is expensive to manage.

The solution

The value we are offering to our customer is automation of daily tasks, improvement of the quality of their products and an increase in pesticide-free organic farming. Consequential value is in having a reduction in the risk of product losses and having detailed information about the health and general environment of the fields.

How? An intelligent cloud-based system coupled with a fully autonomous ground robot that helps the farmer monitor his fields, detect and predict diseases and pests, enabling him to take proactive, precise and profitable decisions. The ground rover can autonomously steer itself among the fields by following fixed patterns, gathering images. The gathered pictures are uploaded to the cloud where our intelligent system uses computer vision to analyze the data and detect diseases and pests.

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Project members
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