The idea came after facing the data contained in the report released in 2018 by the local order of psychologists on the general perception of the profession. From this data it emerged that people were expecting a bolder presence of professional psychological support in certain critical contexts, such as hospitals and schools.

The problem

After examining closely the main burdens connected to taking advantage of mental healthcare services, we were able to condense the core of the problem in one key dimension: accessibility. Particularly, stigma and affordability of therapy were the two main dimensions on which we chose to focus to tackle the overarching accessibility problem.

The solution

We conceptualized a service, delivered through an app, that would tackle the main problems hindering accessibility. The first aim was to improve affordability of treatment, thanks to a funding aggregation feature.

Furthermore, the system would serve as a user-friendly matchmaking platform to ease first contact with mental healthcare professionals. A psychological assessment technology was included as well, this in order to provide quantitative feedback on the progress of therapy to the user, the therapist and the

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