60+ years old individuals who totally lost the sight or are severely visually impaired because of various diseases. There are about 280 millions visually impaired or completely blind people worldwide, of whom more than 300 thousand live in Italy. Yet, these numbers are expected to triple in 2050 due to the general ageing of the population.

The problem

Blind people have serious difficulties in reaching tailored news and books, depsite the actual solutions like Google Assistant and Iphone (for blind people): they are not so easy to use or they are expensive. Moreover, old blind people have serious reluctance with the newest technology in commerce.

The solution

An handheld device with few and functional buttons that can easily connect to the Internet and have access to a wide variety of tailored news (e.g. Sport, Politics), ebooks and music. Each single information and interaction is reproduced with a speaker using a vocal synthesizer.

Project members
Stefano Berlato
Giovanni Riva
Alberto Cafueri
Anne Molutonyo
Federico Giovannini
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