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Start-Up Lab
One of our friends, an experienced drummer, told us about his hardships in learning how to keep a steady tempo and the correct rhytmn while playing the drums. Our market research found the same difficulty also in many more drummers, beginners and experienced alike. Today on the market there isn't a product more advanced than a simple metronome, that is rather limited in interaction and feedbacks to the student.
The problem

Long practice session with a teacher are necessary to improve the basic technique of tempo keeping, with a big investment of time and money, because a trained ear is necessary ty judge the quality of an execution. The mastery of a teacher is invaluable, however many hours are wasted to train the basic technique that the student can train by himself. To make the train session effective, the correction must come in real-time, and not only the tempo (speed) must be correct, also the rhytmn (lenght of the notes). Nowadays a beginner drummer has no way of getting automatic, real-time corrections.

The solution

Fletcher is a smart assistant for students of the drums, and experienced drummers that wish to improve their technique. It is a portable hardware device that works as an electronic metronome and a smarthpone app. Fletcher allows to practice on your own drumset, thanks to specific sensors connected to each drum, that measures with precision the time when each drum is struck. The device then shows real-time corrections on the tempo of the player, using an easy-to-read display.

The app is the brain of the device, showing complex suggestions, stats about the quality of the execution and giving advice to improve the tecnique of the player. Exercised of diverse difficulties can be bought in the in-app store, to strenghten the weak points of each student. Moreover, the student can further improve the execution of specific songs by playlng along a track, downloaded from the same store. Fletcher allows fast progression of the student, giving targeted correction whenever the student wants to train, like a personal and infallible teacher!

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Project members
Lucrezia Cesarini
Laura Porta
Alessandro Torrisi
Arturo Farolfi
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Smart device