There are about 30 millions type 1 diabetes in the world and they are expected to growth until reaching 40 millions by 2040. During their everyday life diabetic people faces a lot of difficulties. In particular, from our validation activities, it resulted that one of the main problem is hypoglycemia (which is the low level of sugar in blood).

The problem

Hypoglycemia is a very risky condition for a diabetic person since it can cause coma and even death within few hours if it is not correctly treated. Moreover, there are some situation in which it is almost impossible to treat it correctly. For instance, when a diabetic person is doing outdoor sport activities or during night when he is sleeping.

The solution

E-Life is an all-in-one device to be attached to the skin that is able to autonomously manage the diabetes. This is done thanks to a glycemic sensor to gather data about the level of sugar in blood and two micro pumps to inject insulin and glucagon (which are two drugs used to restore the correct glycemia level). The device is controlled by a smartphone application that can be used by the user to manage the diabetes and by us to collect important data in order to personalize the treatment.

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