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My little sister had told how much she hated studying math in primary school. Divisions were really hard to compute. Talking with her, it was evident that she had a great confusion about some basic math concepts. Even trying to explain them, it was difficult for her to follow the reasoning expressed in words just by listening. So, we needed a way of making those concepts more concrete for her.
The problem

Dyscalculia is a learning disability that prevents children from understanding and manipulating numbers, resulting in the inability to perform even basic arithmetical operations. In Italy alone, hundreds of thousands of children struggle with math difficulties, and as many families are looking for a promising solution.

The solution

CALCDEX is an electronic device similar to a calculator, designed to help children with some difficulties in mathematics (especially children with Specific Learning Disorders).

How? Visualizing through images and animations the concept behind each inserted operation and repeating it out loud. But that’s more! CALCDEX includes games dedicated to various ages and the different topics in the school math program, to make learning a more fun and engaging moment!

Project members
Alessandro Antonucci
Software Developer
Maria Camporese
Project Manager
Alice Cusmano
Christian Simone Lussafi
Shilpa Tyagi
Software Developer
Emanuele Zeni
Clelia Calabrò
Project tags
Educational Toy