First Place Award
Start-Up Lab

Artaxy was born from the desire to solve practical problems for emerging artists, such as the visibility and the selling of their artworks, creating a network of places and art lovers. Helping art with technology, spreading art in society to support its human and cultural growth.

The problem

Most emerging artists create artworks that unfortunately will never be appreciated. They have difficulty in finding spaces where to exhibit, to gain visibility, and consequent selling.

Many companies and commercial spaces do not have an artistic style. They consider art an elite good, too expensive and difficult to find. This negatively affects productivity and the brand.

The solution

Artaxy is a platform that connects emerging artists with space owners interested in enhancing their environments with art, allowing visibility that facilitates the purchase of unique and original artworks.

The artist loads his own art portfolio on the platform. The artworks are deposited and digitally protected. This allows their safety and traceability. The space owner enters the data of the environment to be furnished. At this point the artists can contact him and transform his location with art.

The business is based on the renting of artworks, paid for by the owners of the spaces, and the selling, where Artaxy retains a percentage that splits with the owner of the space.

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Project members
Gabriele Cazzola
Sridhar Bangalore Venugopal
Ramona Geanina
Quynh Anh Nguyen
Mario Dalla Corte
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Digital Blockchain