Milica Pejovic

School of Innovation Project Coordinator

CLab “gives wings” to ideas and provides “tools” to achieve ambitious goals, by offering a plentitude of activities, so every student can find the one right for him/her.

Milica Pejovic
Who I am

I am a project coordinator of the School of Innovation, where I am in charge of the organization of activities as well as internal and external communication. In addition to innovation and entrepreneurship, my interests include also research on European politics, political communication and new media.

It has been very motivating and challenging to be in charge of the first School of Innovation in Italy, which is one of the key CLab activities. The creation of this new structure that provides training on innovation to a large group of talented students has been an extremely rewarding experience that has allowed me to work with many enthusiastic and gifted students as well as great colleagues and partners.

What I learned from CLab

I have learnt that there is an immense space of opportunities at the university beyond traditional study programmes. CLab is a unique place that really opens the mind of students to the future and prepares them to easily find their place at the job market. However, the secret ingredient of CLab is the synergy of positive vibes and fun that characterize all its activities.

The added-value of CLab is its pronounced diversity—it gathers people of different backgrounds, nationalities, cultures, age. This diversity breeds novel ideas and stimulates personal and professional growth.

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