Milena Bigatto

Education Officer - Hub Innovazione Trentino

I'm in the CLab team when it was still just an idea of some people with a great vision for the future: to make it a better place starting from our students.

Who I am

Education officer and project manager at HIT where I follow local and international projects to promote social innovation processes. Since 2013 I've been working on the development of the local innovation ecosystem. In my previous professional and training experiences, I've worked in research institutions on institutional development and policy issues.


What I learned from CLab

Our future will be designed by those who are still in the education system today. The Clabbers taught me that if we want a sustainable and exciting future we must help our young people grow and give them the opportunity to make us dream [i.e innovate].

I don't trust the future. I trust people who want to build one.

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