Lorenzo Modena

Start-Up Lab Mentor

CLab Trento, with its catalyst role, makes the small Trentino as competitive as the innovation ecosystems of much larger realities. I advise everyone to live its spaces and its events.

Who I am

I’m an entrepreneur by mistake. This is the only way to be an inventor and to get by.
My interests are new technologies and digital; to date, I dedicate a large part of my time to OpenMove.

I started attending CLab Trento because I am attracted to bright people. My expectations are to see an ecosystem of people, ideas and innovation grow: we must commit ourselves to reach critical mass.

What I learned from CLab Trento

I have learned to get involved with smart and motivated students: it is very challenging to prove to be up to answer their questions.
Teaching is nice because it empowers you to digest knowledge, to tune communication and content, and to make others believe and understand you.
I am committed to bring some of my concrete experience of what it means to start from an idea, develop a product and get to sell it on the market.

CLab Trento and the initiatives that it hosts are what I would have loved to have when I was twenty years old: hands-on experiences and interaction with others are fundamental for launching a startup.

Some of the projects I supervised at CLab Trento