Giulia Bertuzzo

Clabber - Start Up Lab

CLab is the best place to experiment and learn something new, by having always fun!

Giulia Bertuzzo
Who I am

I’m a proud MIM student, I’m interested in innovation and my dream is to help people in developing their own innovative ideas. I wanted to be part of an innovative project that could help me in developing my creativity and meet new people.


What I learned from CLab Trento

Don’t be afraid of getting out of your comfort zone; work together with people from different backgrounds, always do a valuation of your idea! It helped me in improving my soft skills, to be more confident in myself about my ideas and to work in a team. It helped me in understanding that I would like to work in an innovative company and help people in developing their ideas.

CLab has allowed me to meet awesome people, learn how to approach and work with different people and it also has helped me with my personal growth. All these things will be very useful when I’ll find a job after my master.