Giovanni Ferraris

Start-UP, Innovation Olympics, Enactus

Teamwork, realism and creativity, to propose a concrete solution to this necessity is what I gained! Winning has been even more awesome being Start Up Lab the most important experience in my year in Trento. 

Giovanni Ferraris
Who I am

I’m a passionate and curious guy. Reality is exciting! Studying, sports, books, family, music, work, effort, friends.. I’m studying International Management in Trento, this year I’ve worked 5 months in a startup in Barcelona and I’m now in China (Hangzhou) to conclude my studies and write the thesis!

What made you join CLab?

I accepted the invitation of a friend of mine to take part in Innovation Olympics the first semester of 2017/2018. Thanks to IO I fell in love with Clab’s initiatives and dynamism!

What did you learn from CLab?

- Facing reality

- Comprehending teamwork’s value

- Accepting effort

What did you learn from CLab?

Living CLab allowed me to “wake up” and understand work and entrepreneurship’s dynamics. Also, it was a tool to totally free my creativity! Without Start Up Lab’s enormous experience I could never be able to do my internship at TravelPerk in Barcelona! CLab has been a great surprise of my university life in Trento. It generates infinite possibilities, occasions and true friendships! I suggest to any UniTn student to accept the challenge!