Francesca Musolino

CLabber - Start Up Lab

My experience at CLab was truly significant both for my student and my professional life. It is the first place where I learned about innovation and startups in a concrete and practical way, thanks to wonderful people and capable professionals. This is definitely “something” for a philosophy student!

francesca musolino
Who I am

I graduated in Philosophy at the University of Trento and I’m working as a communication strategist and content creator. As a student of Philosophy, I wanted to open my mind to different subjects such as business and innovation. I started joining CLab especially to meet students from other faculties and countries and to learn by a practical approach.

What I learned from CLab Trento

Thanks to CLab I learned that:

  • Teamworking is crucial. Your idea means nothing if the team is weak.
  • Failing fast is the first step to succeed.
  • Working relentlessly on your project could be life changing.

CLab literally changed the way I work in a more efficient and practical way. I first discovered my interest in innovation and it gave me the occasion to meet important people for my professional life and future projects. CLab was also the place where I first met Paolo Marenco and the project Silicon Valley Study Tour, which allowed me to go visiting Facebook, Google, Linkedin and other companies based in Silicon Valley in August 2017. Without CLab, I would have surely missed this occasion.