Eugenio Dolzani

CLabber - Enactus

We have to make CLab known among all UniTrento students! Yes, we can!

Eugenio Dolzani
Who I am

I define myself as a person in constant movement: I like to find different project and people, looking for more stimulating ones; I hardly settle for what I am doing at a defined moment. I joined because friends told me about. I stayed because I love the atmosphere I found here, people want to get things done and to share with each other.

What I learned from CLab Trento

Getting things done, listening better, everybody has something to tell. CLab opened my mind and gave me many new stimuli; CLab allowed me to meet many cool people! I’ve learnt many things, as I’ve said before, what I want to give back is my own contribution to grow the CLab community and spread enthusiasm to do new things, whatever they are!