Elena Petrucciano

CLab Trento Mentor

I believe that CLab Trento is an important and critical place for the territory because it allows a real contamination between the scholastic world, the research and business world. The alignment between these three players is essential to grow innovation.

Who I am

I am an Innovation & Entrepreneurship manager at Hub Innovazione Trentino, I help researchers, university and high school students and entrepreneurs, bring their business idea to the market, through entrepreneurship education and training programs, coaching and mentoring activities.

At CLab Trento I have been a mentor to the students of the programs "Startup Lab", "EIT Raw Material Summer School", "ICT Days Summer school", "Bootstrap" and I have done several lectures on business & entrepreneurship.

What I learned from CLab Trento
  • CLab activities allow me to have a more real and concrete perception of what students and researchers know, and do not know, about the industrial and business world in general.
  • During the mentoring activities I have the opportunity to learn about new ideas, technologies and trends deriving from the scientific research in different areas and this is very interesting for my job.
  • During my work at Clab Trento I have always the chance to share with the students my knowledge and my professional experience in an interactive and engaging way.

I personally think that activities at CLab are always very effective thanks to the characteristics of interactivity and multidisciplinarity. I believe these are the two main strengths of CLab Trento.

Some of the projects I supervised at CLab Trento