Elena Corn

CLabber - Start Up Lab, Innovation Olympics, Enactus

The best discovery at UniTn. The experiences and opportunities that CLab offered me are incomparable and made my last two years of university unforgettable.

CLab is definitely the place to be!

Elena Corn
Who I am

I am currently writing my Thesis for the Master in Innovation Management (MAIN) and I recently started to work in consulting. Some initiatives organized by the CLab made me curious. I wanted to start a new experience, to meet other students, challenge my competences and learn something different.

What I learned from CLab Trento
  • It is all up to you! Passion, commitment and dedication are the keys: everything is possible.
  • The importance of doing, trying, experimenting, challenging yourself and leave the comfort zone.
  • The team makes the difference: the greatest thing is to meet people with different backgrounds, exchange points of view and reach together a common goal!
  • And of course, my practical knowledge in the field of innovation and startups is way better!

At CLab I had a first contact with the world outside the university, it allowed me to meet the right people to get an internship in Germany, fly to Silicon Valley, be part of Enactus and represent Italy in London. Well, a “thank you” is not enough! The experiences made strongly influenced my current approach to new challenges. Now, I am much more dynamic, concrete, confident in my abilities and enthusiastic.