Egle Andreina Rochira

Start-UP, Innovation Olympics, Enactus

Useful to undertake activities that gave a practical stamp to your studies. In my case, the chance to enter in a solid and heterogeneous network composed by smart minds as professors, companies, students and advisors.

Egle Andreina Rochira
Who I am

Dynamic, energetic and pro-active with an incessant desire to do and to learn. Always struggling with thousands of activities, all rigorously brought to a successful conclusion. Born and grow up in the south of Italy (Puglia), but globe-trotter for passion! After five years living between the main Italian cities as Milan, Trento and Pisa and some abroad (Dublin and Santo Domingo), I am currently doing an internship in the Intesa Sapaolo Innovation Center in Turin. Recently I graduated from the MSc in Innovation Management, joint degree between University of Trento and Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies. It has been one of the most exciting experience of my life in particular for the profound bond created with my classmates. As a matter of fact with some of them I founded the students Association Inama-Innovation Nexus and the first Italian Enactus’s team, both activities revolve around the Trento’s Contamination Lab. Finally, I am one of the winner of Start-up lab competition edition 2017 with the project “Flying-Scarecrows” the best experience I’ve ever done!

What did I learn from CLab

-It’s really important to have a 360-degree worldview and lateral thinking is always the right way!

-Try, get wrong and try again but above all do always your best! In this way you can achieve the golden moment

- Cooperation between different minds: it is the key for success! A chocolate cake in order to be a good chocolate cake needs different ingredients that put near, mix up, gel and burn together to give life to something new. This is indispensable to work all together to fulfil a common goal.

What did CLab change your life

Clab Trento was the fuel which fed my tireless will to do. It has been the core of the most awesome meetings for the last two years, my teams and I made : Inama-Innovation Nexus, Enactus e Fliyng-Screcrows arise. The last one is the result of one of the most beautiful activities of the Clab: the start-up lab. Every time I think about those six months I feel so moved, as I grew up a lot and I met a wonderful team. In a nutshell the Clab has been the channel which has allowed me to enter Innovation Olympics and therefore the chance to work on a project for Miele Italy srl