Davide Silvestri

Start-UP Lab Junior Mentor

A place where you have a lot to learn and nothing to lose. Not only about exploring a possible business, creating an innovative product or studying the best strategy to make money. It’s about developing yourself by working and learning with others.

Davide Silvestri
Who I am

I am currently writing my thesis for the Master in “Information and Business Engineering” in Artificial Intelligence. I recently created a Startup in the garbage collector companies, thanks to the experience as a student at StartUp Lab. I rejoined the StartupLab as a Junior Mentor to provide help to teams about hardware and software prototyping.

What I learned from CLab Trento

1st rule (learned from my Mentor Cveta Majtanovic): Work with passion and with humanity. To create a great value, you must consider that you are not only building a product, but something related with the life of your customer.


2nd Rule (learned from Professor Alessandro Rossi): Use different point of view. Every team of StartUp Lab has a different approach, knowledge, skills. Share ideas, give feedback and be cooperative with other teams. They can do the same for you: every feedback make your product more anti-fragile. 


3rd Rule (learned from Professor Vittorino Filippas): Be the exception. The thing that make you different from others is not something innate. It’s the ability to learn from mistakes and to properly react to them. Is the ability to predict failure and to avoid it. Is the ability to take risks when is necessary or totally worth.