Daniele Miorandi

Start-up Lab Mentor

If you are into innovation, CLab is definitely the place to be in Trento! Just do it!

Who I am

I consider myself an innovator, always trying to bridge high-tech research to business opportunities. My past includes a PhD, 150+ scientific publications and 3 companies co-funded. My present includes being CEO of U-Hopper, a big data analytics tech boutique, and being a dad of two wonderful little boys.

I just love working with young, talented guys. Share with them my experience and my many mistakes, so that they don’t repeat them. And help them get the most out of their potential.

What I learned from CLab Trento
  • There is a lot of raw talent out there. What is missing are refineries able to get the most out of such talent.
  • Diversity is key. To get something interesting you need to mix up people from different education, different backgrounds, coming from different experience and with different expertise. And shake them well.
  • Young people need to be taken out of their comfort zone. This requires energy & passion. And in CLab you have people who are excellent at it.
Some of the projects I supervised at CLab Trento