Carlo Pasquini

Start-up Lab Mentor

Start-Up Lab is not just an entrepreneurship program where learn how to develop and get ideas off the ground. Startup lab is a school of life where you can develop those skills everyone needs to succeed as a future manager or entrepreneur.


Passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship. Former financial analyst in London over 10 years’ experience in founding and running startups. Founder of two startups in the tourism sector, I gained a strong experience in online distribution, data analysis and dynamic pricing with particular focus on the winter mountain sector.

As a Start-Up Lab mentor I have the opportunity to work along with students and professionals on innovative projects with strong value proposition and social impact. In addition, I have the opportunity to develop relationships with future business owners who could be future business partner or collaborator.

As an entrepreneur I bring my experience to startup lab participants and I help them develop and organize ideas and follow the right path to transform ideas in real business.

Some of the projects I supervised at CLab Trento