Alireza Ilbeigi

Start-Up Lab Mentor

Start-Up Lab is a necessary and amazing experience for all students specifically those in engineering and management, to get familiar with idea generation, validation, feasibility, design and implication of a business project.

Alireza Ilbeigi
Who I am

A motivated observer, learner and tutor who is excited to share, transfer and obtain idea and knowledge from students and colleagues to support the teams’ and projects’ productivity.

CLab Trento's secular and intercultural atmosphere forms a platform which supports higher creativity and innovation. Moreover, the openness and tolerance of program organizers and program administrator makes it an enjoyable experience for students to develop their ideas through start-up projects. Such an environment made me to join the Clab club.

What I learned at CLab Trento

I learnt there is always space for improvement either professionally or personally. I learnt how a different design and allocation can lead to much different outcome. I learnt how interpersonal skills can influence the success of a project. I always like to have a mutual understanding and trust with students and colleagues. Therefore, I always kept open to start a conversation and listen actively to build a connection which finally leads to project improvement. We also tested a new platform in Trello to control and monitor projects’ progress.

CLab Trento has not only been a dynamic innovation course for students but also it has innovated and changed its own educational system to make the program as most efficient and effective as possible through these years. It is a simulation of business development for students to apply theories of innovation management into a quasi real-world application. That has always been a pleasure for me to work there.