Alessandro Cervellera

Start-UP Lab Junior Mentor

Every time I talk about CLab I get chills. Great memories, great experiences, great people. And the best is yet to come! CLab is everything you need to build a brighter future

Alessandro Cervellera
Who I am

A proud and enthusiast Information and Business Engineer. Wannabe entrepreneur, hungry for knowledge and ideas. In love for innovation, technology and fried chicken. I strongly believe that hard work and passion are the best engine for our life.

Since 2019 I'm a Junior Mentor of StartUp Lab: work with new CLabbers and share my experience is a real honor and a dream come true.

I'm also a member of Inama - Innovation Nexus, a student association that organize events and workshops related to the world of innovation.

What I learned from CLab Trento

Tons and tons of useful stuff. In particular:

  1. If you want to build an idea, you have to work hard and never back down.
  2. Learning without doing is really inefficient: go out and show the world what you have!
  3. Teamwork, collaboration and cooperation are some of the most important skills of our life.
  4. Failure is not a dishonour, is an opportunity: sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. Learning is the key.

Once a CLabber, forever a CLabber. Don't miss this terrific opportunity!