A travel diary from team Yore - StartUp Lab 2021

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It was the 27th of May when 18 startup projects presented their business ideas in front of the international jury.

The best three projects won a very special prize: the possibility to participate in some national or international events focused on innovation, startup and technology.

We asked them to tell us something more about their experience and what they’ve learned so far.

My colleagues and I, members of team YORE, participated in this year’s edition of South Summit in Madrid as the award for second place won at Start-Up Lab 2021. South Summit is a huge event evolving around the global start-up movement with a strong focus on innovation, intended as both social advancement and technological discoveries. It consists of a three-day convention where on six stages entrepreneurs, innovators and investors explain and discuss future perspectives of the economy trying to anticipate the most interesting trends. But it’s far more than that! It is also a start-up competition where the 100 finalists of a year-long journey battle armed only with slides and pitches to prove their potential and build the next big thing. In addition, all the events are hosted in a futuristic and sustainable location with an informal vibe that helps to connect the different stakeholders, encouraging networking and sharing of ideas. Finally, but not least, we also had the possibility to spend four days all together, taking the time for team building that the online edition of SUL didn’t allow. Thanks to the great feedbacks obtained during SUL and also the award of the six-months incubation period at HIT we have decided to go on with the development of YORE, so we took this opportunity to challenge ourselves and start spreading our project. Obviously, we cannot be compared to the startups that presented their project, since all of these were companies with tenths of employees and millions of euros raised (each!), but we enjoyed even being in such a festival and we left with the dream to return next time as one of the competition finalists!

Now their journey will continue within the third edition of Trentino Startup Valley, the acceleration program organized by Trentino Sviluppo and Hub Innovazione Trentino. 

Good luck!