Start-Up Lab (SUL) 2019 is about to kick off

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For the 7th year in a row, master students, PhDs and junior researchers from UniTrento are ready for “Start-Up Lab”, a 3-month training course that aims to go through the must-know essentials and strategies for early-stage startup founders. 110 participants with different backgrounds, ranging from biology to human-computer  interactions, from linguistics to physics, 24 different nationalities covering 4 continents: a melting pot that will give birth to real contamination of ideas and cultures!

The participants will be trained by UniTrento instructors with over a decade of experience in the fields of entrepreneurship, Vittorino Filippas, and innovation management, Alessandro Rossi. They will showcase the theory that comes in to educate the building phases of a startup, from both a theoretical and practical perspective. In addition, 9 mentors, experts in the field of communications, management and industry, coming from the local ecosystem of startups and from HIT- Hub Innovazione Trentino, will come in to ease the students to understand the complexities of marketing in the early stages of high potential scalable ventures. Plus, case studies, do and don’ts, successful stories from the business world will help participants to face all steps to take, from an idea to a scaling business.

Start-Up Lab’s track records from previous years have proved to be capable to offer wise, simplified and detailed solutions to students’ creative ideas and to open their minds to different possibilities and perspectives they would not have taken into consideration otherwise. The Start-Up Lab aims to initiate social change, creating an innovative product but also showing students the importance of being proactive and open to new way of facing problems and finding solutions, to ultimately improve the society we live in.

How is the Lab organised?

The first meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 26th February.
Meetings will be once a week, on Tuesdays, from 6:30 to 9:30 pm. Every group will be paired with a mentor/expert in the field of the proposal and assigned homework eventually presented in front of the class.

On Tuesday 12th March, participants that want to develop a concrete idea will have to introduce it to the group, spurring them that their project is worth it. They have only 60 seconds to convince the audience, they can draw, write on a board, or just talk. Once the roundtable of potential ideas is over, it’s time for networking, ask questions to deepen the contents. So doing, students will improve their interpersonal skills and enhance their public speaking. As a result, about 15 groups will be formed to represent the very same number of innovative ideas. As it will be explained throughout all course, team spirit, roles’ partition, and mutual trust are a cornerstone for any idea to succeed.

At the end of the Lab, the teams will present their projects in front of an international jury. This is called Demo Day and it will take place on May 29th. It is an open door event where the public is also called to vote for the best presentation and assign the People’s Choice Award. In addition, our experts will choose the very best project-idea to participate into the Virginia Tech Knowledge Works competition next August in Virginia, USA, thanks to the sponsorship of the University of Trento.

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