Innovation Olympics meets Mila

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IOL for Mila

The challenges of the seventh fall edition of Innovation Olympics have got to the heart. Students and the four companies have already had the first meetings to know each other and to understand what the topic of the challenges will be.

The students have started to analyze and deepen to formulate the best proposals to propose to the company and to get closer to the craved victory.

One of the four challenges was launched by the South-Tyrolean company Mila. The cooperative was born at the end of the 1950s, it has its headquarter in Bolzano and is specialized in the production of milk, yoghurt and dairy products. A group of students, accompanied by the Director of the IXL Center Italy Massimo Andriolo, were invited on the 30th of October to visit the headquarter. Thus, they have seen from near the different processing of raw materials, the quality controls and what are the packaging systems of the products, with a special focus on yoghurt’s production and its packaging.

What we are describing is the beginning of a project of open innovation. Many of these, like Innovation Olympics, are often recognized as a way thanks to which companies can develop and improve their self. Giving to their customers a new and innovative product while trying to save production costs.

But the challenge, then, what regards? The focus on yoghurt is not casual. Mila has asked the five participant teams to think about alternative packaging for yoghurt. The main aim of the cooperative is to get an input from the outside and to develop a point of view away from their internal logics. Mila’s focus on packaging has already led them to do internal researches on the topic but give the vastity and the importance of the problem they believed that was necessary to enlarge their views to get better.

Mila decided to take part to this specific project of open innovation aware of the importance of the different academic backgrounds of the participants, this because the problem of plastics and food storage regard different fields. Knowledge in economics, European legislation, materials science and engineering are equally useful to find the optimal solution in this specific circumstance. On the other hand, in this way students can learn new notions being in contact directly with the company, lessons that usually do not arrive to the university desk.

Making innovation and doing it constantly is important for every company and Mila knows it well.

The world is going on, things are changing, consumers are changing, values change.

Liselotte Pilcher, head of Marketing and Product Manager, highlighted how is important also for this cooperative strictly linked to its territory to be innovative.

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