Innovation Olympics 2019 has begun

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Innovation Olympics Kick-off

Last week, the seventh fall edition of Innovation Olympics began. It’s an action-learning program developed by IXL Center, that brings together businesses and universities. 90 students from 11 different departments will work the next 10 weeks to solve the challenges and problems presented at the kick-offs that were held at the Contamination Lab Trento.

The companies involved for this edition are: Mila, the dairy company based in Bolzano and specializing in the production of milk and derivatives; Ledro Rural Bank; Habitech, the Trentino technology district for energy and the environment; and Alto Garda Servizi, a multi-service company that produces and distributes electricity, but also other resources such as natural gas.

Each company has been assigned 25 students divided into multidisciplinary groups and will be accompanied along the path by highly specialized mentors: Leonardo Benuzzi, innovation manager and technology transfer expert; Alberto Nucciarelli, associate professor in the Department of Economics and Management and an expert in innovation; Massimo Andriolo, director of IXL Center Italia and Roberto Napoli, assistant to the Rector and head of the Innovation Olympics program.

From today, the hard work will begin for these students and will arrive in 10 weeks with an innovative and applicable project to be presented to the company. For each of the challenges, there will only be one winner that we will discover in December!