• Start-Up Lab Demoday 2019 — Keynote Speakers
    May 27 · 2019
    Top level Keynote Speakers will attend the Start-Up Lab Demo Day: Enrico Pandian, serial startupper who had given birth to 17 different companies, and Clelia Calabrò, Ex-Clabber that will tell us…
  • Start-Up Lab DemoDay 2019: Meet the Jury
    May 20 · 2019
    At the Start-Up Lab Demo Day , only the 10 best projects will be presented. The students will look for praise and approval, and eventually for an investment. But who will evaluate them? The Start-Up…
  • C-Boot
    April 19 · 2019
    C-Boot is a 3-month coaching session for aspiring entrepreneurs that aim to develop a solid pitch for a circular economy business model.
  • Jetn Business Game Trento Flyer
    March 29 · 2019
    #BusinessGame is a simulation with the aim of training players in both #hardskills and #softskills. This game can be used for learning about business and testing different solutions to #…
  • StartUpLab
    February 25 · 2019
    For the 7th year in a row, master students, PhDs and junior researchers from UniTrento are ready for “Start-Up Lab”, a 3-month training course that aims to go through the must-know essentials and…
  • Hub innovazione trentino
    January 10 · 2019
    Hub Innovazione Trentino offre una posizione per un tirocinio formativo. Sede: POVO
  • Blockchain, Crypto and DAOs
    November 19 · 2018
    A talk about blockchain and the new technologies in the field of crypto value with two experts and investors.
  • That's my Life
    November 14 · 2018
    A series of testimonials of young entrepreneurs who will share their experiences. Event organized by the School of Innovation.
  • Launch of C-Sport Trento
    October 16 · 2018
    CLab Trento and UniTrento Sport are launching C-Sport Trento, a new program which involves students, sport enthusiasts and experts to find the most innovative technological solutions for sport-…
  • RIparaPARTY Cover
    October 4 · 2018
    Volontari riparatori cercasi! Metti alla prova le tue doti da riparatore partecipando a questo evento-sfida!
  • UX Challenge 2018 - Evento finale
    October 1 · 2018
    30 giovani talenti organizzati in 10 team lavoreranno per 2 giorni a progettare e migliorare la user experience di 5 prodotti digitali presentati da importanti imprese.
  • CLab Open Office 2018
    September 21 · 2018
    Do you have a business idea and you would like to discuss it with someone competent? Or maybe it's just a feeling of a potentially interesting solution for some challenge people might be having?…