• May 26 · 2022
    16:00 - 20:00
  • School of Innovation
    Via Tommaso Gar 16/2
    38122 - Trento

SUL Demoday 2022 cover


For the tenth edition, Start-Up Lab showcases its projects by organising a Demo day

On the 26th of May, 17 teams will pitch their business idea in front of an international jury. They will have only 4 minutes to impress the judges and aspire to the podium. 

Start-Up Lab, a graduate course organized by the University of Trento, supports students in their first entrepreneurial journey, offering a unique combination of tutorials, interactive workshops, guest lectures, and targeted mentorships aimed at transforming a business idea into a fully developed project in a three-month stint. 

This year's edition sees a renewed partnership with the course Business Development Lab, bringing the total number of participants to 100. 

Participants are supported in their activities by 12 international mentors which share their advice and expertise to evolve their startup proposals.

The program has been supported by the Department of Economics and Management, the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science, EIT Digital, Hub Innovazione Trentino e Fondazione Trentino Università.

This edition’s teams have identified business opportunities in a wide range of areas, both in services and physical products. For instance, a platform to tracks the development of Alzheimer’s disease, helping medical staff and families, or an innovative monitoring device for diabetes type 1 patients. Other teams have targeted younger audiences. In particular, one of the business ideas is a platform to help students navigate and optimize their educational path, and another interesting initiative addresses mental health issues of the young, offering them an initial digital approach to therapy.


The jury for this edition is composed by:

  • Marco Senigalliesi - Head of Startup Area (HIT)
  • Luca Canese - Innovation & corporate Venturing (LVenture Group)
  • Giuseppe Caputo - Head of the Office for the Valorization and Impact of Research (Università di Trento)
  • Chiara Tacco - Head of growth (MiPU predictive Hub)
  • Gianluca Cecchetti - Co-Location centre manager (EIT Digital)


The event will be in English. Free of Charges.


16:00 – Welcome
16:30 – Startup presentation
17:30 – Project Exhibition
19:00 – Keynote speakers 
19:30 – Award Ceremony
20:00 – Toast and networking