• April 12-May 24 · 2021
    18:00 - 20:00
  • Online
    CLab Trento


The University of Trento and Sanifonds are now recruiting students for the upcoming challenge “Health Care Funds: Find the New Business Model!”.

Sanifonds is a very dynamic private non-profit local integrative healthcare fund. The whole team is eager to work with brilliant and motivated students who want to play a role in Sanifonds next-generation plan.

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Application deadline: Thursday, 25th March


Challenge methodology

No traditional classes, learning by doing, close interaction with mentors and managers. You will first analyze the company and its competitive arena (one week), then identify relevant fields of play to improve their business model (two weeks), organize your ideas in an innovative project (two weeks) and finalize it into a sound business plan (two weeks). And all that in non-conventional ways: we will instruct you to use the non-traditional tools to balance creativity and ready-to-use final results.


The challenge will run online in the period April 12 – May 24.

Working Language



On average, 1,5 hours a day for five days a week. Teams can organize their time according to their needs: this is useful to improve your team working and time-management skills.

Class composition

Students from all backgrounds and different Universities from the ECIU network.


Teams will be formed shortly before the challenge starts. You cannot choose your teammates: This is in the end what happens in real life, you hardly can choose your fellow employees. We try to make your experience as realistic as possible. Teams will be formed according to the “diversity” criterion (e.g. nationality, seniority, gender, discipline and so on).


You will have at least three meetings with the Managing Director of Sanifonds. The teamcher will accompany you in the whole journey.


The new venture

We have been running similar challenges with more than 20 companies and about 400 students in the last few years and we are eager to take it to the next level of systematic challenge based learning with ECIU. We are so happy to explore this exciting venture with you!


Roberto Napoli, Roberto.napoli@unitn.it


ECIU Challenge Coordinator – University of Trento