CLab Trento is the interdepartmental laboratory of the University of Trento, managed with HIT (Hub Innovazione Trentino), where you can start to create your professional future.

How? By connecting people from different backgrounds and skills, in order to create something new. This is the C of CLab: C as contamination of ideas, experiences and backgrounds.

Since 2017, Clab Trento has become part of CLab Network, a network of Italian universities. Networking, sharing, generating innovation: they are the foundations of the world we live in and part of what you will experience by joining CLab.

Develop your entrepreneurial spirit

We offer you different routes: Start-Up Lab, the training path that will teach you how to create your start-up, Innovation Olympics, a real challenge in which you will have to find an innovative solution responding to the request of a partner company, Enactus, where your entrepreneurial spirit will be called on to find solutions to social issues, and many other challenges in different areas.

Multi-disciplinary paths

An experience that can change your life

What we demand: willingness to engage and to get out of your comfort zone, to work in team and curiosity. We will cover the rest by offering various training courses and challenges to face, and - above all - the competence of skilled people from different professional environments.

Experiential learning