C-Boot Bootcamp for aspiring entrepreneurs in the field of Circular Economy

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C-Boot is a 3-month coaching session for aspiring entrepreneurs that aim to develop a solid pitch for a circular economy business model.

The aim of the camp is to help young students, PhD students and researchers, Alumni and young professionals to master good practises related to the inner circles of circular economy (reuse, repair, remanufacturing, product-service systems) in order to contribute to a more sustainable management of (raw) materials by enabling shared use, reuse, repair or remanufacturing of products.

The programme consists of 3-day focused bootcamps, one per month, one per country, in Belgium, Sweden and Italy respectively, from September to November 2019. Being C-Boot a programme supported by EU Funds, there are no subscriptions fees and an allowance will cover some of the costs. To provide a high quality, in-depth experience, the number of participants will be limited to 18. Candidates can register individually, or as teams of max 3 people. The CV screenings will aim to select those candidates who show willingness to continue developing the business idea into a start-up or intrapreneurial activity after the CBOOT programme.

Deadline for applications is May 20th. See more info here.